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Video Trailer for the Express Diaries

And so, my friends,’ he said, looking back at each one of us in turn, ‘it falls to me to pass this burden to someone other than myself. I dare not ask, yet I hope that you will take it for me. The statue must be recovered and destroyed before these men find it.’

My new novel, The Express Diaries - a tale of darkness and adventure set in 1925 on the world's most famous train - has just been printed as a luxury hardback edition with 16 colour plates and illustrated throughout by Eric M. Smith.

It is now available to purchase at Innsmouth House, and will soon be available on Amazon as both a hardback and an eBook. For more details have a look at it in the publications section.

Other Novels

Nick's first novel, Soul Purpose, is published by Immanion Press,  and now followed by the sequel, Past Tense (the newly minted cover image of which you can see on the right!) form the Conduit Sequence of SF novels.

Best described as James Herriot meets the X-files by way of Douglas Adams, Soul Purpose has recieved some excellent reviews.  To learn more about the book, read the first few chapters, check out the reviews, or stop dithering and order it, click on the link above. 

The Ancients, a fantasy story of mystery and intrigue, is an eBook available from the Amazon Kindle store.

Feel free to have a look around, read Nick’s fun-filled (well...filled, anyway) biography, have a look at some of Nick’s musings, look at some of his favourite links, or just have a snoop around. If you want to contact Nick with any suggestions/feedback/questions/advice/abuse/recipes/Government secrets, the contact email is below.



Just in time for Christmas! Looking for some epic fantasy to fill your shiny new kindle with? Then look no further, because my new novel, The Ancients, is now available from the Amazon Kindle store!

Click here for the version

...and here for the version

Hope you enjoy - all the thrills and excitement you could possibly wish for (previous sentence not necessarily legally binding) for merely 1.80, or $2.99!


Two more reviews of Past Tense, both of which I'm very happy with!

First is at small press reviews, and I think I'm right in saying it's the first time I've been reviewed by a robot! 

The next is at Fantasy Book Reviews. No robot this time, sadly, but still a nice write-up

NEWS 11/10

The first review of Past Tense is in, and very nice it is too! Find it over at SciFiOnline HERE

NEWS 10/10

The cover image is completed, the proofs have gone to the printers, and so...PAST TENSE is now out! and can be purchased HERE

Check back soon for more information

NEWS 11/09

SOUL PURPOSE now available on

As Past Tense inches closer to publication, my first novel, Soul Purpose, has been released as an ebook on for a measly $5

Imagine that! Hours of entertainment for less than the price of Carp Fishing Monthly! Not only that, you can read the first half of the book free. How could any sane earthling resist such an offer? How? By failing to click on the link below, that's how!

NEWS 10/08


Just to let you know I know have a blog describing the everyday life of a veterinary surgeon. It's more exciting than it sounds. Honestly it is! Clickest thou below to discover just how much more...

NEWS 12 / 08


I've been helping write the synopses for a special DVD from the fine folks over at, and it's now available!

The DVD (Lovecraftian Tales from the Table) is an audio recording of  the classic campaigns Masks of Nyarlathotep and Horror on the Orient Express for Chaosium's veteran roleplaying game Call of Cthluhu, based on the works of HP Lovecraft. It's also packed full with extras - interviews,  Lovecraft's stories, photographs, cartoons (and my synopses of course!)

If this at all tweaks at your interest sensor, then go here! to find out what the hell I'm talking about  (and if not, go there anyway!)

And remember - Cthulhu f'taghn!

NEWS 4/ 08 / 2008


Got a letter published in the Veterinary Times about dog breeding in the UK - a subject both Kerry and I feel very strongly about. Text of letter is here. Comments and opinions welcome.

NEWS 1 / 07 / 2008


Nick has recently been fiddling with Inform, an Interactive fiction creator - and the net result of all this fiddling is Lonely Places, a short Lovecraftian-themed story / personailty test (oh, just play it, okay, it'll all make sense).  You can download it above, or get more information on the publications page.

Also rapidly nearing completion is Nick's latest novel - a sequel to Soul Purpose.  Watch this space!

Enjoy your visit!

The Express Diaries cover
'I would recommend this book to anyone, if only to show how writing should be done' Kevin Hillman, Horrorzine

The Express Diaries at Innsmouth House

Past Tense Cover
' Nick Marsh deftly channels the ghosts of Douglas Adams and (to a lesser extent) Philip K. Dick to deliver a mind-bending tale of tunics and time-travel...'
Small Press Reviews
Buy Past Tense as eBook at the Kindle Store at Amazon

Soul Purpose
‘’...a delight to read. If this is Marsh's first novel, then all I can say is I can't wait to see his next one.’’ - Sci Fi Online


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